Peace talks? or prepering the back ground for war

It seems to me a little strange, the only ones who talk about peace are the Israelis.

Egypt threatened war; Jordan's King threatens war within a year. Hamas and Hezbollah threaten all the time, they say what others think, they want to see us all swimming in the Mediterranean!!!

And the western world leaders fell again, freeze construction in Jerusalem and the Occupied suddenly became necessary and essential conditions which without any talks can progress.

President Obama also proposes "an offer you cannot refuse … " General conduct towards us is very similar to codes used in the criminal world.

"You better agree or else …"

No one interferes in the meantime rockets and mortars dripping from the south of Israel almost every day; the world does not see or hear.

Turns out not understand….

Ignoring amazingly, the whole world believes Palestinians statements without opening a book and read a little about real historical facts, amazing.

Are they all line blindly? Are the leaders of Europe do not see what's is happening under their noses?

Is there anyone in the United States really believes that closing Madison Square garden's , on Friday is to allow thousands of Muslims pray in the middle of the square ?while directing traffic and all American citizens to other paths???

Is the Western world haven't yet see the pattern, the creeping takeover, the use and exploitation associated with democracy and human rights?

You turned the world upside down, evil becomes good and good becomes bad.

David has become Goliath.

You may want to watch better what is happening in your house in your backyard?

Worst, openly, in your neighborhoods and cities.

Still you do not understand that the problem is not the peace agreement between Palestinians and Israel?

 Do you really believe that the battle of Israel as a victim will save you from loss?

Just as the fight against terrorism, we need deeds, not just talk.

If you'll come together and begin to really fight global terrorism together, extremists finally will realize that you finely understand their trick.

Then modesty and restraint may return to our cities.

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