My response to a reporter who asks whether an attack on Wikipedia is on the way

My response to a reporter who asks whether an attack on Wikipedia is on the way?.

In my humble opinion, Wiki Attack is not required. By definition Wikipedia is the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.
Wikipedia is supposedly a free and democratic expression, but it only seems so .Everyone can express any opinion he wants and even if they are contravention views or strange.
If, for example, Muslim students decided to change or write new definitions for all the Muslim values Wikipedia, I do not see a way to stop such "offensive".
But are there terrorists or extremist Muslims need to target Wikipedia? Here too my answer is unequivocally.
Terrorism is operates on cyber targets and physical terror act at the same time, terrorist acts seek to bring about changes and effects of speed and unequivocal on the mind, on the surface and below the surface.
We need to look at the world of Islamic terrorism in more broadly perspective related to the inner purposes of the attacks.
When we talk about an Islamic religious war, we understand that the goal is to "convince" the citizens and government in the target countries to change their attitude to Islam. It also explains why most of the terrorist attacks of all Muslim terrorist organizations necessarily occur on Arab land, because it makes no sense to demand the Western countries to accept Sharia Laws when Muslim countries are still not ready to accept Sharia law themselves.
Terrorist attacks against the media designed to advertise and reach the Attention of a large audience. Aggression is designed to expedite the process. And they all rely on the weakness of democracy and reactions.
Psychological and practical aspects of terrorist activities in the West and belligerent responses against what appears to Muslims as an attack on religion or Prophet, when their vision is only one direction. That they are allowed to say everything about everything, threaten and use the tools of democratic democracies not allow them to use as part of " free speech. "
Because of the slow progressive religious war Achievements the Arab countries, Muslims began at the same time also corresponds pressure on Western countries despite the Strategically they will rich most influential when they become 10% -20% of the population, but the benefits of terrorist pressure environment sanctifies democratic values of freedom, closes the gap.
We should not fall into the trap of psychological war that trigger us Muslim terrorist groups and adjust the settings of "freedom of expression" and the principles of the fight against terrorism emerging reality of the spread of terrorism and its impact in the Western world….

Brig. Gen. (Res.) Dovi (Dubi) Yung
The International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT)
Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy & Strategy

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