(.Dubi Yung,Brigadier General (Police,ret

BG Yung has held many key positions where he has gained an extensive range of experience in:  enforcing riot control and counter terrorism measures, dealing with all issues of public disorder and terrorism, was a sniper shooter and instructor, has written and developed Counter –Terrorism combat doctrines, has trained thousands of Combat Border Guard soldiers and established the YASAM undercover unit. 


During his Police Service as the Commander of Special Forces in 2001-2005 he was the:  Leader of counter terrorism, strategies & tactics – national level, responsible for 23 special units – numbering over 1,400 officers, in routine and special crisis situations and for every debriefing session after every terrorist attack and special operations, was on site at every terrorist attack in Israel over the last five years, commanded a special unit, acted as Chief Advisor of Counter-Terrorism to the Israel Police Commissioner and Minister of Public Security, has operated in more then 350 operations of on going terror attacks and responsible for riot control structure – national level with over 3,600 officers.


BG Yung has arranged and participated in seminars and presentations to police commanders from various countries including the United States, Canada, Europe, India, China and Australia. He has also addressed a variety of audiences at the request of international organizations including the Anti-Defamation League and Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange.


He has a BA in Criminology from the Bar Ilan University (Honours), a graduate of the Senior Crisis Response Team course in Louisiana, U.S. and a graduate of the Management and Command course for Senior Police officers in Israel.


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